1. Infomation

In the year 2084, mankind has become saturated. With the success of the genome project, the life expectancy of human beings has drastically increased, and the world is slowly becoming sickly. The UN had long discussions on the Earth’s crisis, and found a new way out in space.

space-map_SUFThe long-attempt for terraforming, transforming the land, climate, atmosphere, etc., of a particular planet in order to create an environment for the species to live, and the construction of a space colony, a large structure that will make self sufficiency possible in space, have been launched through international cooperation. The beginning of this space colony project is the Lagrange point (the astrodynamically stable point with zero gravity where two celestial bodies revolve around each other – there is a total of 5 Lagrange points on earth- with the terraforming pioneering proceeding on the Earth’s satellite, the Moon.

In the beginning of December, 2095, the first space colony will be fully constructed at the Lagrange point, and experimentally, immigrants moved from Earth. Based on this incident, the space colony construction has been spurred.

On July 12, 2105, a total of 20 space colonies have been completed, and this day was named “Space Emigration Day.” The immigrants to the space colonies are people from all over the world, mainly consisting of healthy men and women in their 20s and 30s.

At the beginning of January, 2121, the Moon terraforming project was completed, and the joint emigration project from the Earth or the space colonies to the Moon began. By beginning with the restructuring of the center of the moon where gravity is only 1/6 of that of the earth, people began research to create gravity just like on Earth, not to mention countless other research projects on the way. There have been many trial and error incidents, but as a result of ceaseless effort, the Moon was transformed into the second Earth.

space-map_유피테르-6In March, 2175, the primary objective of the move was completed. Immigrants from the Earth and the space colonies were recruited, and many people fascinated by the beauty of the Moon, or the Second Earth, applied, and the goal was reached in just one day. The process smoothly progressed, and those recruited adapted quickly.

However, the speed of movement between the stars didn’t improve, and the reason was that the engine, fuel, and armor of the space shuttles didn’t develop very much from the ages of space pioneering. New engine and alternative fuel have been developed consistently, but there were no visible outcomes. The few test engine projects resulting from conceptual shift helped barely maintain the status.

At the end of 2177, with the declaration of the completion of the space colony and the Moon terraforming projects, the Christian Era (A.D.) was rescinded, changing to the Space Calendar in order to celebrate the safe settling of mankind in space, and this was the expression of will of safe conquering by the human sagacity of space. It was first determined to set the beginning of the new space calendar as the space colony completion date, but it was postponed until now since were many views that the true space pioneering will be only if other planets are transformed into environments similar to Earth.

On the year 0010 of the new space calendar, mankind took the next step with the objective of pioneering Mars. Confidence was high with the space colony construction and terraforming, and mankind was getting ready to prevent the increase of the population which was inevitable. The Earth, space colonies, and the Moon Headquarters established the Space Federation, and the first project of the Space Federation was the Mars Development Project.

space-map_나르시스-1Mankind has welcomed a turning point through this Mars pioneering. During the participation in the Mars pioneering project, a private company from the Moon found a special material from the interior of Mars and reported to the Moon Headquarters. This material was a mineral with a molecular structure, which could not be found on earth. The Moon Headquarters disclosed this material to the Space Federation, and it was named “Z,” which represents its rarity (cannot be found on Earth), and non-affiliation (not a part of anything), and for it being the last matter discovered by mankind.

At the time of discovery, it was considered as some rare mineral, but new facts were discovered after various experiments. Its molecular structure was a combination of ruby, sapphire, emerald, amber, and amethyst. Also, it was found that the changed molecular structure emitted 5 different types of waves. What was so unique was that each wave had a property changing properties. The wave of “Z” combined with ruby weakened the wave of “Z” which combined with emerald, and the wave of “Z” combined with emerald weakened the wave of “z” combined with sapphire. The wave of “z” combined with sapphire can also weaken the wave of “Z” combined with ruby.

However, the wave of “Z” combined with diamond and amethyst did not affect the waves of the waves combined with the above three gems, but showed interferences against each other. However, no method of utilization for this was observable, making the joy of its discovery diminish.

space-map_유피테르-5A few years later, the Space Federation was astonished by a surprising incident. A new test engine and fuel were developed, based on this new matter “Z.” It leaped over the region that cannot be reached with existing engines or fuel types, and it was proven that the impossible speed of light could be nearly reached with this matter. Taking this opportunity, mankind had newly opened space pioneering.

The test engine was fully supported by the Space Federation, being recognized as a formal engine, with sequential introduction to be applied to new spaceships and various instruments. Also, the mining of “Z” has been invigorated in Mars. The mining of “Z” progressed smoothly, and mankind enjoyed the happiness of the advancement toward the uncharted waters.

However, the quantity of “Z” mining in Mars came to the fore. It was absurdly insufficient for the limited resources to be divided upon the Earth, Space Colony, and Moon, and supplying to just one of them will lead to imbalance of the forces. That doesn’t mean one can give it up, and although externally supporting the Space Federation, friction underneath to secure additional quantities of “Z” was inevitable.

The first to move forward in order to secure “Z” was the Moon Headquarters. It appealed the first discovery of “Z” in Moon, pressuring the Earth and the Space Colony. Earth tried to complain, but some countries on Earth that have fallen for the Moon during negotiations opposed adamantly. Also, the Space Colony was already suffering from internal terrorist actions, making this matter secondary. The interruptions of the Moon Headquarters were discovered soon, and angry Earth and Space Colony began attacking and retaliating, leading to worsened relationships.

space-map_유피테르-7All the while, an incident occurred internally on Earth. It was found that a large country was controlling the distribution of “Z.” With the development of ages, clean war, where the sacrifice of human beings was minimized, but as some countries wanting to secure resources began to kill civilians, the war became heated. The civil massacre reduced the population of the Earth to under 60%.

While the Earth was suffering from the aftereffect of war, the Space Colony and the Moon were profiting from the mining from Mars, even with the base of holding each other in check. This led to the movement to stop war on Earth, and the heads of state agreed to quit the competition and become united.

In new space year 0023, Earth came up with a union named NEA (New Earth Alliance), and quickly began containment of the Space Colony and the Moon, in order to compete for “Z.” The Space Colony and Moon left the Space Federation and established new autonomous bodies. The Space Colony changed its name to LUCA (Langrange Point Universe Colony Alliance) and the Moon changed its name to LIS (Lunar Independent State).

The NEA, LUCA, and LIS maintained the composition of holding each other in check for own profits. However, a war broke out among the three not after long. Led by the radicals of NEA, a large terrorist outrage occurred in LIS. Many civilians were killed due to a viral terror of no reason, and LIS showed rampant rage against NEA.

space-map_Mars-1With this incident, NEA and LIS began war. For minimized Earth damage and quick attack, NEA has mobilized the entire Space Military. Because the Space Military of LIS is smaller than that of NEA, it stood on the defensive, with situation worsening each moment. The radicals of LIS placed importance in the revenge against the terror by NEA and to overcome the situation, and began an operation. It is to drop a microwave wide area generator in the major cities of NEA. This horrible operation which will kill all living things within 5km range caused human life damage, after being dropped in some major cities despite the desperate attempt for interception by the NEA Space Military.

Although the outcome was not as good as expected, such attacks by LIS led NEA to minimize Earth damage rather than attacking LIS, by taking the defensive stance. Also, because LIS cannot actually cause big damage after defeating the NEA Space Military, it did not initiate attack and maintained the containment strategy.

In such a situation, LUCA expressed neutrality with the condition that it will not take part in the war, and hastened the development of the new machine. Of course, this project was kept as secret to NEA and LIS.

space-map_UGA-11The new machine project had been propelled since the beginning of the space colony, with difficulty in resolving several problems regarding engine performance, fuel performance and efficiency, and the establishment of machine control interface, etc. However, the realization of high efficiency fuel and engines using “Z” accelerated the development project.

Also, under special conditions, it was found in an experiment by LUCA that when “Z” is combined with some metals, it changes into a new metal. This new metal showed performance that was better in minimum 5 to 10 times, in the areas of hardness, molecular binding, durability, etc. With such conditions, the new machine project of LUCA reached near completion during the war between NEA and LIS.

This new machine was developed in different form than the general combat planes or mother ships. It was not developed simply for space wars, but was devised for the pioneering of planets, and thus the human-like shape. This is for the ease of parts replacement and for the prevention of performance falling. At the time the war between NEA and LIS came to a lull, the machines including the prototype started being completed.

LUCA named this completed machine “ZETA.” The name comes from the first letters of names of the new matter “Z,” Emilio Chrisman, the scientist who developed the engine, Tracy Randolph, the new metal developer, and Aim Adams, the project supervisor.

space-map_UGAHowever, the NEA and LIS secretly obtained the information on this project, and realized the danger of the use of “ZETA” by the military. They temporarily formed a collaboration union in order to seize it. The “ZETA” seizure operation went on very quickly, and to avoid being discovered, the begin a diversionary operation in the colonies in L1. With the success of this operation, NEA and LIS succeed in extorting the blueprint related to “ZETA” and some units of machine.
The effect of L1 colony terror and “ZETA” extortion operation, LUCA gives up the neutral position, and declares war on NEA and LIS. However, it is not able to overcome the two powers with war experience, and begins the development of combat “ZETA” in order to overcome the situation.

With the “ZETA” development completion among the three groups, the war progression begins to show a new aspect. When one of the powers develops a high performance “ZETA,” that power takes the lead. However, the remaining two powers begin to keep in check and new development will lead to the leveling of the powers.

NEA discovered that application of the fact from the initial research results that “Z” and gem combination creates waves on “ZETA” will lead to better results when compared to the most recent developments in “ZETA.” NEA named this engine “Core,” in which the output of the core diminishes when the machine with the character depriving gem wave is near. It also had the feature of becoming easily destroyed when attacked with a weapon developed by application of the waves.
During the initial test using “Z,”

space-map_나르시스-5Researchers named the gem wave from the Core “Force.” Also, the waves from each gem were named “Red Force (ruby),” “Blue Force (sapphire),” “Green Force (emerald),” “Yellow Force (amber),” and “Black Force (amethyst).”

Although there were problems of loss of character, NEA could not give up the Core with excellent performance, thus began developing the new “ZETA.” The completed new “ZETA” had the special characteristic in which, with the continued Force from the Core, it changed color of the machine to the one identical to the Force.

After not long, the NEA prepared power which exceeds that of “ZETA” of LUCA and LIS, in order to attack the two. From the active role of the new “ZETA,” LUCA and LIS were once placed on the defensive. However, the two powers came up with schemes and found out the information on the new “ZETA” from the NEA, and seized the machine to develop the new “ZETA” for retaliation. As was the concern of the NEA, the new “ZETA” and that with superior core were thoroughly developed by LUCA and LIS to appear in the battlefields.

As all three powers owned the new “ZETA” with advantages, the war turned into one of attrition. However, that situation didn’t last long because eventually, the “Z” in Mars was depleted. Internally, the three powers were not able to maintain the “ZETAs,” and within the 3 powers, supporters to end war began to emerge. This new group wanted to stop wasting “Z” for needless war and instead, use it for space pioneering.

space-map_UGA-4Finally, the three powers proclaimed to end war through a meeting, and signed mutual non-aggression agreements. There were talks to create a space federation as before, but a organizing a union was not possible after the war. Therefore, the 1st Solar System Agreement was established, based on the non-aggression agreement. The details banned all war on Earth, Colonies, and the Moon. After the war, they realized that destruction of the bases will eventually massacre mankind.

After not long, space pioneering project began to emerge independently. The projects began, but competition led to local wars in space. There was news that “Z” exhausted in Mars was found in a satellite of Jupiter. Although the supply was not as large as in Mars, this news that “Z” could be mined from a planet other than Mars was truly hopeful to mankind.

In order to procure more “Z,” each power developed various systems, and this was the opportunity for them to advance into space further than the solar system. The technological development using “Z” became more active, an the technology for topological change using “Z” was developed during the process of theoretical founding and verification.

This technology is a one that has reestablished the theory of “warp” which existed in the AD times. The project team which has developed this technology called it “warp.” The reason for selecting this name is to compliment and honor the scientists who have developed in those times.

space-map_유피테르-2This “warp” technology uses the “Z” waves to change the topological space, and using the output from “ZETA” was not sufficient. Fleet level output was necessary, and each power constructed the explorative system with 1 fleet and 5 “ZETA” units for protection. The Explorative Battalion System has made great and various achievements such as the exploration of planets, the discovery of new galaxies, and many others.

However, not all Explorative Battalions did their jobs. Because they had they had certain discretionary power, some took independent actions, and some betrayed the group due to profits to form their own groups. Sometimes, a huge power groups formed as these people gathered. Some dislodged the late coming Explorative Battalions to sell “Z” in the black market for high profit.

Even in such situations, the Explorative Battalion continuously formed under each power, and the reasons are not only due to the profits that could be attained from its operation, but also because they were so many applicants. Being a captain in the military is very attractive, and after the execution of duty, a quick promotion was waiting.

As such, the space pioneering project of mankind has once more welcomed another period of reconstruction.