2) Character

JenniferTaylor_sName : Jennifer Taylor
Age : 19
3-size : B92-W58-H84
Birthplace : LUCA
Education : Completion of Class 97, L5 Colony Space Military School
Rank Lieutenant Major
Character Very active and outgoing

Born in L5 Colony

Influenced by father Samuel Barton, the Commander of a Space Military Fleet, Jennifer had longings for the Space Military. Because she grew up at the official residence of the military, she learned from her father or his subordinates.

Thus, she has excellent commanding skills in fleet application simulation, strategic planning, military management and care, etc. Of course, this elite officer’s shooing, “ZETA” maneuvering, and physical abilities are always at the top.

VictorZetaProbably because she was around soldiers since young, she has more male friends, and her personality is also easy-going. However, she secretly collects fancy goods just like other girls. She is a great listener, so she gives advices to both male and female friends.

She graduated top of her Colony Space Military School. She worked as Samuel Barton’s aide and applied for the position in the Explorative Battalion. Her father Samuel Barton opposed to this, but gave permission after Rachel’s coquette strategy.

As a captain, her subordinates rely on her. She is trusted by older, experienced subordinates, and she is respected by her younger newcomers.

She is called Captain Barton, but her nickname is Rach. Female crew members often call her Captain Rach. She draws a distinct line between public and private matters, and she forbids being called by her nickname during strategic activities.

Her hobbies include baths. She takes 3-hour baths at least once a week. She is not a good cook, but she transforms combat ration with dressing to make it delicious, and she has been well known for this since military school.

MaiLynn_sName : Mai Lynn
Age : 18
3-size : B85-W56-H82
Birthplace NEA Asian Chapter
Education : From NEA Special Space Military Training Institution
Rank : Major
Character : Quiet and thoughtful. Speech is level-headed and straight forward.

She was left at a church as an infant. From the color of her eyes, it seems that she is of mixed-blood. There were no indication of her name, so the nun named her “Yuri.” She was selected as a subject of the special agent training of the NEA Asia Chapter when she was five years old, and she has been trained for 10 years as a special agent.

Because she was never outgoing, she didn’t have close friends during her special agent training. She generally spends most of her time reading.

PredosZetaShe has excellent situation analysis abilities and reacts quickly to outbreak incidents without wavering. Also, she is not considerate of others, thus speaks straight forwardly when something is wrong or there is a problem. There are rumors that the number of trainees getting counseling has increased. She is historically on top of her class in the Training Institution in the success of her assignments, so although she is difficult to get along with, she is known to be a trustworthy colleague.

She is an intelligent beauty, so many male trainees approached her during training, but she is known to have made spiteful remarks at them. It is known that less aggressive male trainees have formed a secret fan club.

She was to be assigned to the special unit after graduating from the Training Institution, but Senriyama Kaido, the Commander of the NEA Asia Fleet thought highly of her abilities, and decided to adopt her and assign her at the NEA Asia Space Fleet.

She takes the name Senriyama and works as a staff officer at the NEA Asia Space Fleet for 2 years. Her conduct of operations has been evaluated as very high, and she becomes the captain at 18 years old. Although her adoptive father Senriyama Kaido backed her up, people on the NEA Asia Space Fleet recognized her performance, and acknowledged her appointment as the captain.

Many crewmen were complaining about her personality at first, but after a while, they fell for her mission execution abilities, and the problems subsided.

Her hobby is reading. She does not distinguish the genre, and reads a lot.

EllisFlinz_sName Ellis Flinz
Age 15
3-size B70-W53-H72
Birthplace LUCA L4 Colony
Education Completion of class 128 of L4 Colony Space Academy
Rank Lieutenant major
Character Although shy, she is kindhearted

She was a child prodigy. She was admitted as a top student to the L4 Colony Space Academy at age 9. She received attention as a prodigy at that time, but she was so afraid of strangers that she had no friends. She spent most of her time at her own office, thus only got attention at the academy when the test results were posted.

However, she loves animals. There are reasons for her love for animals and her shyness. When she was 4 years old, her dog Lev died saving her from abductors who tried to take her away, desirous of her talents.

GiganticMirageAfter that incident, her distrust for human beings increased, and began to give love to animals. She always had animals around, both at home and at the Academy, and her research at the Academy were mostly based on how to read the minds of animals. She didn’t like to experiment with animals, leading to poor outcomes, but she was satisfied.

She had no intention of joining the Colony Space Military, but L4 Colony Space Military Lieutenant General came to meet her to persuade her to join. However, her joining condition was to have a pet around.

As she assumed position as a Space Soldier, she showed excellent abilities. Her physical abilities were poor, but she showed exceptional abilities in commanding such as analysis and organization of situations, strategic planning, etc., necessary in the L4 Colony Space Military. Also, she has outstanding techniques in the system operating and engineering fields.

From the advice of L4 Colony Space Military Lieutenant General who wanted her to develop her skills further, she was appointed as the Captain of the Explorative Battalion. Of course, her pets had to come with her. In the beginning, she didn’t get along very well with the crewmen, and there were lots of problems due to her shyness.

However, she became close to the crewmen who were nice to her pet, and after a short while, she got along well with others, and elevated her status as a fleet mascot. Everyone loves her.

Her hobby is to play with her pet.

IreneBecca_sName Irene Becca
Age 19
3-size B90-W57-H83
Birthplace LIS
Education Completion of LIS Space Military Promotion Academy
Rank Major
Character My pace, sharp observation, dignified way of speaking

She is from the famous Becca family of LIS. The Becca family has been well known from Jeff Becca, the ancestor who held an important post in the beginning of the move to the Moon before LIS. This family is well known for its close relations with the Moon Headquarters.

She has been educated on Noblesse Oblige since very young. Being from a prominent family, she grew up getting elite education. She does not look down on or despise other people, and is always kind to others. Before attending the Space Soldier Training Academy, she attended an girl’s school.

BlueZxBecause she is a relaxed my pace, she never acts hastily. Because she has been meeting with high level figures since she was very young, she has excellent skills in understanding people. Although it seems as though she is relaxed, but she is actually observing her surroundings and understanding the situation.

She is polite and respects anyone she meets, making them become fascinated by her, no matter how old or young, whether male or female. She has always been 1st in the popularity voting, and her class rank always stayed at the top 1%.

She had bodyguards when attending the Academy due to her popularity, but she convinced them to break up. There have been rumors that this group of bodyguards changed into a group of her fans.

After completing the Academy, she joined the LIS Space Military as an officer. She was to be appointed at the Space Military General Headquarters, but she rejected the offer and is working as the officer of the general Space Military troop. Her productivity has been proven, and she is taking steps, and have become the Captain of the Explorative Battalion.

At the time of her appointment as Captain, it is said that there were soldiers lined up to move to her troop. The headquarters had to administer tests to the applicants to allow only those who have done well on the tests to transfer. It is told that the cheers of those transferring were indescribable.

Her hobby is to take walks. She takes walks at least once a day around the fleet.

Alvin-Kenes_sName Alvin Kenes
Age 19
3-size ???
Birthplace NEA Euro District
Education Completion of Class 74, NEA Space Military School
Rank Lieutenant major
Character Although he looks restless, he acts according to calculations

From the Kenes family, well known to be one of the most prominent Space Military families in the NEA Euro District. His original name is “Graynfin Alderhi.” He is the descendant of Prince Alderhi of the principality of Nebestia, Northern Europe. The principality of Nebestia collapsed during the world war, but Grayn’s grandfather Remphal von Alderhi escaped the country and changed his name.

It looks like the name Alderhi seems to have disappeared, but Grayn’s father Freyd came to be involved in the principality revival organization, leading to the annihilation of his family. At that time, Grayn was 10 years old, traveling in Eastern Europe, which saved his life. When he found out about this upon returning, he decides to take revenge after looking at the documents that his father left.

zx-greenIn the documents, information showed that the upper echelon of the NEA considered the revival of Nebestia Republic cumbersome, and that they were trying to get rid of the concerned parties. The documents contained information on the related parties also.

Grayn took the money and jewels from home and changed his name to Alvin. He decides to change his identity to an orphan, and decides to join the army. He had plastic surgery to hide his identity, and created a false past, in order to join.

He began by applying to the Space Military School in order to join the Space Military which was known to have easy advancement. He originally has very prudent and calm personality, but pretends to be cheerful and outgoing. He acts so people will think that he is aloof, and spends his days at the military school.

One day, he is spotted by the principal of the Space Military School William Kenes. He had no children and was just beginning to feel lonely. Alvin showed his wife around campus and this is when he became interested in Alvin. He finds out that Alvin is an orphan and decides to take adopt him.

Thus Grayn gained the name Alvin Kenes, and after graduation, he joins the NEA Space Military. He had a recommendation from his adoptive father, and had great records, making him advance forward quickly. He was appointed as the Captain of the Explorative Battalion of the NEA Space Military European Fleet.

He has no particular hobbies.