8. How to play LINEZETA

A) Upper Interface

1. Experience Bar – Here you will see how much experience you need before you level up
2. Gold – Accumulated In game Currency, you could use this to perform fusions.
3. Time – The Official In game time of LineZeta
4. Energy – Energy is used as a stamina for playing. The more you play any missions, the more it decreases. It replenishes one energy in ten minutes.
5. Gem Stone – Currency bought through Monetary Transaction.
6. Nickname – Your In- game Name
7. Rank – Your in Game level
8. Chat – Interact with other Players through Chat
9. Captain Selection – You can hire stronger Captains that will provide you different abilities at the cost of Gem Stones.

B) Captain List

1. Captain Menu – Select your Captain in this menu. You can acquire all Captains with the use of Gemstones.
2. Captain List – The list of Captains available for purchase.

1. Biodata – Basic information of the Captain.
2. Captain Skill –  Each Captain have different skills. In default you only have one Captain available. Gemstones are required to purchase higher level of Captains.

A Captain can has the ability to increase the Cost your team, allowing you to be able to team up high powered ZMs and also reduces the turn needed by ZM’s abilities by one after a certain number of turns.

C) Lower Interface

1. Mission – You can select your mission where you can fight other ZMs and have a chance to obtain Gold and Capsules!
2. ZM – Manage your ZMs from Customizations, Fusions, and Selling
3. Shop – You can Purchase your Gems here. You can also Replenish your Stamina Immediately and Increase your ZM Capacity with the cost of Gems here.
4. Capsule – Try your luck in obtaining a Capsule containing a Rare ZM by spending either Support Points or Gems.
5. Friend  – Interact with your Fellow Players in the Friend Option.
6. Battle – Battle it out with your Friends in the Arena (Coming Soon)
7. ETC – Gives different information options that benefits your in game experience.

D) Lower Interface Notifications
1. You can see your newly acquired ZM in the hangar
2. It will notify you if you have already attained enough Helper Points to do a Helper Capsule.
3. Tells you if you have pending friend requests or emails from your friends.