2) Gameplay

A) ZM Information Chart

1. ZM Number and Name
2. Rarity of the ZM – The more the stars, the rarer the ZM
3. ZM Type
4. ZM Statistics
– HP (Health Points) – The Health of the ZM
– ATK (Attack) – The Amount of Damage the ZM can do
– REC (Recovery) – The amount of Health regained when you obtain a healing core
5. Current Level and Maximum Level
6. Cost – Amount needed to deploy a ZM in battle.
7. ZM Skill – Each ZM has their own special abilities that they can use after a certain number of turns
8. Ability Cooldown – The number of turns needed for the ZM to use its special ability
9. Leader Skill – Some ZM has their own Leader Skill that will only activate when you place them in the Captain Position

B) Choosing Leader Zeta

Plaga – Blue Victo – Red Halo – Green
Screenshot_2013-10-10-12-49-45 Screenshot_2013-10-10-12-49-37 052_Choosing Leader Zeta_L

In this part, you must select your leader ZM for battle. Each ZM has its own Element.
Victo – Red, Plaga – Blue, Halo – Green

C) Elements

In LineZeta, every ZM has its own ELEMENT.
RED is strong against GREEN
GREEN is strong against BLUE
BLUE is strong against RED
YELLOW and BLACK are strong against each other
PINK cores are for healing






Healing Core

When Healing Cores are lined up, they recover a certain amount of your team’s health, the longer the combo, the greater the heal.

D) In-Game Interface

1. Gold – Total Accumulated Gold during a Stage Run
2. ORDER Command – For Every attack, the ORDER command will be filled up, you could use a power ability when the gauge is full.
3. Capsules – Number of Capsules acquired during a Stage Run
4. Menu – Click to Enter the Menu Screen
5. ZM Image – The Model of your ZM in battle
6. ZM Icon – The Picture of your ZM in battle
7. Health – The total Health of all your ZMs in Battle
8. Cores – Line them up to perform attacks and combos towards your enemies
9. Time – The provided time for you to line up your Cores Cubes.

E) Health Bars, And Enemy Turns

1. The Enemies HP are separated from each other, thus you have to individually eliminate them in order for you to advance in the dungeon.
2. The numbers beside each Enemy ZM indicates the number of turns before they will attack. Every ZM type has their number of turns thus they will always attack at the same time.
3. Team Health – Unlike the enemy ZMs, Your Team’s HP (Health Point) are added up together into one Large HP pool, thus it allows you to protect your weaker ZM with your stronger ones in battle. At the same time, if the full HP goes to zero, you will also be defeated.

F) Focus Attack

In battle, you can strategically focus your attack on one enemy alone if you want a certain enemy to be killed first. In some cases, this is important to do if your enemy has a low count of turn before they attack your team.

G) Core Lining

In LineZeta, you have to connect different Cores in order for you to create an attack. Each color represents a type of ZM that corresponds to their color. You can align the colors diagonally, horizontally and vertically as long as they will connect without obstruction.

Once you’ve aligned the cores with their respective colors, they will glow to indicate that they are already connected. A core can only connect to one combo. You have to create as many connections as possible before the timer runs out.

Once the time is up, the aligned cores will explode and will give their respective bonuses to the same colored ZMs. The longer the combo, the bigger the effect that they give. After the first combo, the next wave of cores will also align themselves automatically, yet they can only connect to each other vertically and horizontally to give a greater amount of effect.

H) Combos

For every same colored cores, you acquire additional points and increases the damage you gain from that single colored combo. The more cores you align, the higher the damage you will produce from the combo.

For every combo done during the turn, every other colored core that had a combo will receive additional bonus damage according to the number of combo that was done.

The Health Cores (Pink) also count towards the total number of combos done during the turn as a damage modifier.
1. Total number of damage from the aligned colored combos.

I) Healing Cores

Health Cores follow the same pattern as the colored cores when they gain additional damages but instead provide health recovery from the combo.

They will also benefit from the total combos done during that turn, enhancing the health recovered even more.

J) ZM Abilities

1. After a certain number of turns, A ZM would be able to use its special ability.

Each ZM has its own unique ability that they can use in game. Some can deal damage to the enemy ZMs, some can heal fellow team members while others can change the color of the Cores in the platform. Use their powers wisely.

K) Mass Attack

If you line up five or more same colored Cores, they will charge the ORDER command of your Battleship by being converted into ZD points. Each abilities requires a certain number of ZD points for you to use.

I) Order

Order Captain 1
Captain 3 Captain 4

This is where the Battleship will be put into use. As your rank goes higher, you can use stronger Battleships. During gameplay, the Order bar fills up as you create combos. When the order bar fills up, you can tap the Order Bar and it will provide different choices for offense or defense. It is a special skill not from your ZMs but from the Battleship so use it wisely. Each Battleship and Captain have its own different set of skills.

M) Enemy Kills

When you destroy an Enemy ZM. They will provide you a certain amount of gold. And has a chance to give out Capsules, which will give you a ZM depending on the Stage.