3) Mission

1. Mission Menu – You can select a mission available for you.
2. Episodes – Available missions are displayed as thus. Newer and stronger missions are available as you clear the latest episode that you have.
3. Special Bonuses – Sometimes, missions have special bonuses depending on the day an hour. So always watch out!

A) Mission Stages

Once you’ve selected a Mission in the Mission’s Menu, you’ll also be given the opportunity to choose a stage you desired to enter. Take note that you have to finish the earlier stages in order for you to unlock the stronger ones.

1. Mission Name
2. Stage Name
3. Energy needed – The amount of Energy needed to enter the stage.
4. Battles – The number of Battles that you will encounter inside the stage.

B) Select Helper
008_Select Helper_L
1. Helper’s ZM – WIll show what ZM will be used to help you during your missions
2. Name – The name of the Helper
3. Rank – The rank of the Helper
4. Acquired Help Points – The amount of Help points that the Helper will receive when you choose him/her.

C) Team Select and Battleship

1. Mission’s Name
2. Stage’s Name
3. Type of Battleship
4. Active Leader Skill
5. You can set up more than one group that will give you variety depending on the type of enemies that you will face.

D) Completing a Mission

1. Displays the world you are in and the completed mission.
2. Gold and Experience acquired from the mission.
3. The required amount of Experience needed to Rank Up.
4. Acquired ZM’s from the stage. It is a random drop that contains different kinds of ZM with different elements.

E) Explorer

Shows the player you picked during the battle. The player you chose receives Helper Points after the battle. You now have the option to Add the player as a Friend and use his/her ZM’s in battle.