4) ZM

In the ZM tab located in the lower interface, you can see the different functions for your ZM.

1. Ship Dock – You can choose your Battle Ship to aid you in battle. You can only use the Battle Ship’s special skill for a certain time so use it wisely!
2. Edit Squad – In this portion, you can change your lineup of ZMs before you go to battle.
3. Power-up Fusion – Using the Power-up Fusion, you can combine ZMs to make them stronger with the expense of gold. The more ZMs you use for the fusion, the more you will spend gold.
4. Evo. Fusion – Also known as the Evolution Fusion, you can produce a better ZM by combining different Evolution Materials. You can see the required ZMs needed when you checked the information of the ZM that you want to evolve. You can get the Evolution Materials by acquiring capsules in mission only.
5. Sell ZM – Selling the ZMs that you don’t need in exchange for gold.
6. Hanger – All of the ZMs that you have collected are placed in the Hanger. You can also change their order.

A) Battleship Dock

In the Battleship Dock located in the ZM menu, you can select your Battleship that suits your Rank.
1. Image of the Battleship.
2. Rank required to use a certain Battleship.
3. Name of the Battleship and its rarity.

1. Selecting the Battleship for battle.
2. To check the specifications of the Battleship

1. Name and rarity of the Battleship
2. The Battleship’s basic information
3. Skills available for battle

B) Cost

1. Cost – The cost required to deploy a ZM for battle
2. Total Cost – Shows the maximum total cost that you have right now. You need to balance the total number of costs of your ZMs to make your team more effective. As your rank goes up, the total number of cost also rises. The higher your rank, the higher your total cost will be. With higher number of maximum cost, you can use higher levels of ZM with high required cost individually.
3. ZM Menu – In the ZM Menu of the lower interface, you can locate different options for your ZMs.

4. How to increase the total Cost – There are two ways to increase the total Cost of the team. First is to Rank Up by completing Missions. You get a lot of experience from accomplishing missions. Second is with the support of Captains. Each captain has a different set of skills that can help the team. In this case, a Captain’s special skill can increase the total number of Cost of the whole team.

C) Power-Up Fusion

Using the Power-up Fusion, you can combine ZMs to make them stronger with the expense of gold. The more ZMs you use for the fusion, the more you will spend gold. The only way to level-up your ZM is to do a Power-Up Fusion to make them stronger.

After selecting the Power-Up Fusion in the ZM tab, you must now select the Base ZM. The Base ZM will be the one who will be stronger after the fusion. As an example, we used Montshine as our Base ZM.

1. Tap the 1st box from the Material part. It will direct you to the “Select Material ZM”. Choose any ZM that you want to merge with the Base ZM to make it stronger.
2. Tap the Begin Fusion button.

You can also merge up to 10 ZMs all at the same time.

1. Here you can see the current EXP of your ZM. An experience bar is given for illustration. You can determine the needed experience for your ZM to level-up. After the Experience bar, the Gold needed for the fusion is indicated.
2. All the Material ZMs that will be merged with the Base ZM is located in this part.
3. Tap the Add Many button to select all the Material ZMs needed for fusion. This part also shows the Experience your Base ZM will acquire after the Power-Up Fusion.

When you add ZMs as Material ZMs with a rarity 3 stars or more, a warning page will appear to notify you if you are really willing to use these ZMs for merging. Make sure to check all your Material ZMs before you decide to proceed with the Power-Up Fusion.

D) Hanger Menu

The Hangar allows you to view the different ZMs that you have.

1. Change Order – This will allow you to ease out in finding that specific ZM you want in your team.
2. The level of each ZM is visible in the Hangar Menu and the MAX ones will be more embossed to be easier to be noticed.
3. It will show you how many ZMs you specifically have and how much more you can collect based from your capacity.

E) Changing Order in the Hanger

Having a hard time finding the ZM that you like? You can change the order of the ZM in your hangar according to following:
– Your Favorite ZMs|
– Time when you acquired
– Based from their Force
– Based from their Attack (ATK)
– Based from their Health (HP)
– Based from their Recovery (Rec)