5) Shop

1. Gem Stone Shop – You can purchase Gems by paying the appropriate price per package
2. Restore Energy – If you want to immediately replenish your Energy, you can purchase this using gem stones.
3. Increase Capacity – Increase your hangar maximum capacity by spending Gemstones.

A) Gem Stone Shop

You can purchase Gems and use them for multiple purpose in the game.

1. Number of Gems – The amount of Gem Stones purchasable
2. Price of Gems – The cost of the Gem Stones bundle

B) Restore Energy

If you need to get back to your missions, you can instantly replenish your Energy for the cost of 1 Gem Stone.

C) Increase Capacity

Increasing your hanger’s  capacity will allow you to have more ZMs at your disposal without being forced to fuse or sell them away.