7) Friend

1. Friend List – Look up your Friends whether they are online or offline
2. Search ID – Search for your friends using their ID.
3. Mail/ Friend Invitation – Read your mail or Friend Invitation given to you.
4. Send Mail – Send a mail to your friends

A) Friend List

1. Change Order – Rearrange the Friend list’s order
2. ZM Leader – Shows your friend’s ZM Leader
3. Name – Name of your Friend
4. Rank – The Level of your Friend
5. Last Login – When was the Last time he/she was online

B) ID Search

Just type in your friend’s ID number and you can easily locate them using the ID Search Menu.

C) Mail/ Friend Invite

1. Avatar – You can see the Icon or Avatar of the Player here.
2. Name – The name of the sender
3. Message Received – Time when you were able to receive the message
4. Received Email – Click to view the email sent to you.

D) Send Mail

You can send private messages in-game to other players from your Friend tab located in the Lower Interface of the game. Your friends can read your messages after they log-in from the game.