8) Etc

1. News – Updates you on what are the updates in the game.
2. Recent News – Shows different Information about the game, Also gives access to both it’s Blog and Facebook Fan Page
3. ZM Book – An almanac of all the types of ZM available in the game.
4. Return to Title Screen – Allows you to return to the Title Screen. (Only possible way how)
5. Option – Allows you to change the BGM, SFX, Force and Skills Animation and Language of the Game.

6. Help – Tells you the Basic Rules, Game Tips, and some Useful Info in the game.
7. Support – Allows you to contact Game Support of Linezeta
8. Change Nickname – Allows you to Change your Nickname.
9. Delete ID – Allows you to have a new ID and nickname when you restart your Linezeta
10. Copyright – Shows the validity of the game
11. Credits – Shows you the list of people responsible in creating the game.

A) Recent News

You can find the latest news about the game in these options. Clicking one will lead you straight to a browser to access the appropriate site.

B) ZM Book

You can view the different ZMs available in the game:

1. These one are those that you have already acquired in the game
2. While these ones are only those that you have encountered in the Mission Stages
3. Question Marks indicate that you haven’t have the chance to see this ZM anywhere.

C) Options

You can turn on or off the following settings in your LineZeta
(take note some sounds cannot be truly removed)
– Background Music – BGM
– Sound Effects – SFX
– Force
– Skills Animation
You can also change the Language of the game.

D) Secret Code

This part presents your Secret Code to prove that you are the owner of the game data.